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5 major types of fender flares

Fender Flares

Fender flares are designed to make your ride look bold and add an aggressive style to it.
They are frequently installed on off-road trucks and this fact made them extremely popular. Nowadays any driver can choose from a great variety of flares, available for sale both in on-site shops and Internet stores. To see the collection, take a look at this page.
A variety of shapes and materials available on the market can meet the needs of any driver, even the pickiest one.
However, such an abundance can also be a little confusing. So, to narrow down your options, consider 5 main types of fender flares:

Fender flares types

ExtraWide style fender flares

These fender flares add width to your vehicles wheel openings, which results in clean, stylish look that make your vehicle's stance appear wider.
One more great thing about these fender flares that you can add the bigger wheels.

Pocket style fender flares

These pocket-style debris protectors will give your vehicle that stylish rugged look with exposed bolts.
They will be a good match to a massive offroad bumper or rock guards or a grille guard. They are designed for moderate and extreme wheel and tire packages.

Street style fender flares

Unlike ExtraWide style fender flares, street style fender flares are specifically designed for use with stock wheel and tire packages and medium sized offroad wheels.

Cut-out fender flares

Perhaps, the most dramatic styling of all. They are designed to accommodate the larger wheels and lift kits allowing you to cut open the wheel.
As a result, you will get a space to equip your rig with some truly serious offroad staff. A set like this will look particularly stylish with large offroad wheels.

OE style fender flares

These fender flares are manufactured specifically to add the curved design to your ride and keep the original factory look at the same time.
This option is good for the drivers who don't want to go crazy with the huge tires and aggressive offsets.

Fender flares materials

Fender flares are usually manufactured from durable plastic, ABS or polyurethane. Fiberglass is also commonly used.
If you have big tires, then you should pick fender flares that are made for heavy-duty applications.
Most importantly, get UV-resistant fender flares, as plastic tends to deteriorate quickly under the heat of the sun.


ABS is a solid and durable plastic that is commonly used in the manufacture of original automotive equipment.
Among its benefits one should mention affordable price, heat resistance and ability to match the color of your car.
However, this material is rather heavy and will add weight to your vehicle.

Truck Fender Flares


Polyurethane is another example of heavy material, which is not exactly 'perfect' for maneuverability.
However, unlike ABS plastic, polyurethane is milder, more flexible and can be easily installed with no danger of accidental cracking,
which is a very important advantage. It is also highly durable and, thus, a little bit more expensive in comparison to ABS.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber sets are perfect for those drivers who strive to reduce the weight of their vehicle. It is the perfect choice for sports or racing cars, as the reduced weight increases braking, acceleration, and speed vehicle characteristics of the vehicle. With a carbon fiber set, you will hardly notice any additional weight. The material is fantastically strong and durable. Plus, it looks very stylish.
Yet, such kits are more expensive than their plastic and polyurethane counterparts.


Perhaps, the perfect combination of quality and price. Such sets are not only light and durable, but also inexpensive to produce, which explains their highly affordable cost. That is why they are so popular and widespread – any store or dealer will be able to offer you an impressive selection.
This is indeed the perfect option for drivers who want to get maximum quality and style for a reasonable price.

All in all, that's all there is to it – 5 basic styles to choose from. Hopefully, this information will be enough to get your head around the fender flares sets thing.
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