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Cpx Foilers body kits

CPX Foilers is a prominent automotive designer and manufacturer of aftermarket aerodynamic accessories. Thorough concern is paid by the company to improvement of the vehicle's custom look, as well as to enhancement of its aerodynamic qualities.

Along with a wide range of restyling accessories, CPX Foilers is well known for its body panel foilers. Being the most demanding brand, CPX Foilers apllies high-grade polyurethane in production of body panel foilers. As the result, body panel foilers are extra durable, with considerable crack and cut resistance, plus to that they are of outstanding abrasion resistance. Installation of body panel foilers allows to reduce drag coefficient, which in its turn leads to fuel economy. Customers are welcome to find front and rear foilers that look factory correct on the vehicle. Front foilers are designed to be mounted forefront the front wheel, while rear foilers are to be installed forefront the rear wheel to reduce wheel well wind drag. Body panel foilers provide vehicle with modern accent that will definately single out the car among others.

Body panel foilers are available as one set or can be ordered individually. CPX Foilers guarantees that customer will be satisfied with the cost and application efficiency. CPX Foilers supplies each body panel foilers kit with commercial grade 3M automotive adhesive tape and detailed instructions, thus body foilers mounting requires no specialized workshop. Installation process is easy and doesn't require much time, effort or extra costs.

Body panel foilers come pre-painted with Dupont Cromax polyurethane waterborne paint with a wide range of custom matched factory finishes avalable. Unpainted body panel foilers are offered as an option for body kits. Each customer is provided the with the highest service level for the vehicle restyling.