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3d Carbon body kits

3d Carbon is the leading producer of exterior styling body kits for Dodge, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Nissan, Toyota, and Volkswagen. Its first product line with considerable variety of solutions for vehicle custom look was unveiled in 2004. 3d Carbon is well known for its commitment to the top quality and for its wide variety of extremely aggressive sport designs.

3d Carbon is specialized in development of cutting-edge custom designs that are up to the automotive market requirements. The process of body kit ingredients manufacturing includes application of high-pressure polyurethane. The advantages of this material insure excellent resilience, extra toughness, and outstanding abrasion resistance of the product range. Together with creation of extraordinary custom designs, 3d Carbon body kits can solve problems with damaged body panels and hide cracks. 3d Carbon aerodynamic packages transform vehicle into an extraordinary sport car with increased abilities.

The customers are welcome to choose from truck body kits available in different sets, namely 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, and even 8-piece packages. Apart from this, car accessories are also available to be purchased individually under customer�s need. Stylish body kits come either unpainted or pre-painted. Pre-painting is performed with application of OEM paint specifications. As for the unpainted components, they require prepping, priming, and painting before mounting.

Installation instructions for proper mounting are included into every 3d Carbon body kit., which means less efforts and hassles during the installation. Apart from high quality, 3d Carbon provides convenience of each custom design, whether it is a race-inspired style or a sleek look. 3d Carbon assists every driver in vehicle modification and creation of a unique masterpiece that calls general attention and envy.