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2011 Cadillac Escalade Foilers

If you want to completely change the dull look of your vehicle, you can choose 2011 Cadillac Escalade Body Panel Foilers that combine style and strength. Foilers are uniquely styled aerodynamic accessories that enhance the look of your vehicle while improving the aerodynamic properties with low drag coefficient. More than twenty years ago, Foilers were not so widely used, they were just a dull exterior device attached to the front of a vehicle. Modern Foilers are not dull or heavy any more, and they are perfectly designed to fit your vehicle.

Foilers are manufactured from the high-quality automotive grade Polyurethane for strength and long lasting. Polyurethane is popular because it is flexible and thus more resistant to damage. Usually, painted foilers are coated with polyurethane waterborne paint in a variety of color schemes to choose from. They are created to make your vehicle look exclusive and non-standard, making your vehicle recognizable on the road.

This device is designed with two chief purposes. The first one is to reinforce the safety of your vehicle. High-quality plastic or fiberglass material allows it to absorb the impact of any collision or bumps during driving periods. On the other hand, this paintable device has aesthetic value. It can be painted to nice color to change the overall look of the vehicle.

Moreover, 2011 Cadillac Escalade Foilers are easy to install, they require no special tools. With the help of 3M Automotive Adhesive Tape System you can easily mount foilers on your vehicle.

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